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Al-Azhar University offers distance learning Programmes in:

Islamic Studies Courses

Students are given accredited distance learning certificate

Faculty of Islamic Sciences

Students are given accredited high bachelor degree in Islamic and Arabic sciences– general section by al-Azhar University.

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First: Applicant should be a holder of the Secondary School Certificate from al-Azhar or equal certificate;

Secondary School Certificate from al-Azhar Institute for Islamic Researches or equal certificate or the Egyptian General Secondary School certificate or equal certificate and in this case the applicant should pass an exam to be on equal footing with holders of the Secondary School Certificate from al-Azhar. Subjects and system of this exam shall be determined by a decision from the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, based on suggestions of the university board and with approval of the Supreme Council of al-Azhar. (According to Article (197) of Law no. 103/1961 regulation) ... read more

About the Programme

The World Association for al-Azhar Graduates, chaired by Dr. Ahmed El Tayeb, Grand Imam of al-Azhar, decided to expand in the distance learning project for study of Islamic and Arabic sciences organized by the Association in cooperation with al-Azhar University ... read more

You can apply online (all admission and registration procedures are carried out on line on website:

Phase (1): e-registration; students fill in the application e-form, then another page will appear for information validation.
Phase (2): ensuring that the submitted e-mail is owned by applicant; after you submit, you will be notified with an email with your username and password ... read more

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